Client Results and Records

From the first Solo event or PDX to the National Championships, the goal remains the same: improve the car and the driver every session.

Many of the racers have achieved class wins in Regional, National, and Championship events, yet the search goes on for more; better; faster.

One of the yardsticks for measuring improvement is track / class lap records. At every event, one goal is to set a new lap record. In that way, we focus on OUR competitiveness rather than worrying about the other guys. We always strive to be faster than anyone else, even faster than ourselves.

Below is a summary of race results, championship results, and lap records accomplished by various clients of Good Times with Dave:

2013 to date:

Andy Wolverton – After winning at Hallett in April with a new lap record, Andy decided the C5 Corvette was the car to have. Taking delivery of the car the week of the June Sprints, he still finished second. Continued development has earned three wins including two at Road America and the T2 National Lap Record.

Danny Richardson – American Sedan Pole position for VIR Majors and New Jersey Majors, finishing first at VIR and second at New Jersey. Danny has consistently qualified under the track record.

Mike McGinley – running his C6 Corvette in GT-2 this season, he’s five for six in class wins, and a lap record at Heartland Park

Mark Kirby – running his Viper GTS in GT-2 this season as well as STR-1 in NASA, Mark has taken the pole in every event he’s entered, even running a stock motor while his race motor is being rebuilt. Two class wins at NASA Heartland Park event in May.

Chris Albin – Chris has four class wins with lap records at both Hallett and Heartland Park. Constantly improving his H-Production VW Golf, he lowered his own lap record at Heartland Park by 3 seconds!

Mike Perkins – Once Mike decided it was time to focus on improving the handling of his 2008 ACRx Viper, he’s topped the charts repeatedly at Time Trial events. He lowered his own personal best time at Putnam Park by 3 seconds, setting fast time of the event.

2012 Highlights