Bruce Stephens (Corvette Z06)

“Dave lives and breathes this stuff. It’s not just the suspension or the data, but he recognizes every facet of the performance. He calls it the “Rubiks Cube”; those areas that aren’t considered are probably the ones that have the most effect. There’s no way someone on their own can analyze all the areas Dave is likely to be already considering. Partnering with Dave provided not just improvement in the car and the driving, but a increased level of confidence that I can do my best at any event.”



Mike Smith (BMW M3)

“Thanks so much for your time and expertise.  I found your instruction and insight along with the data an invaluable tool in improving my driving.  The 2 seconds I cut off my lap times the first time out speaks for itself”.




Danny Richardson (Driver – SCCA American Sedan Camaro:

“2011 Runoffs Qualifying: I went out and drove the best I could – 2:34 with me thinking there was nothing left out there. I was sitting there with my head in my hands and Dave Jones came walking up, gave me a track map and said to write down what the car did at each corner. He took that info and did a bunch of changes to the car. Immediately I noticed a difference”.


Pamela Richardson (SCCA American Sedan Camaro car owner):

“We met Dave Jones at the 2010 Runoffs when we were completely exasperated. Dave came over and offered to help. Danny was willing to try anything. With Dave’s help, Danny finished 6th after starting 15th.

Though Dave lives in Missouri and we’re in Maryland, he has worked with us ever since, by email, by phone, and traveling to our garage for initial suspension setup for 2011 season. Dave has provided almost real time data analysis remotely while we are at the track. We email the data logger files, and he emails or calls back with suggestions. He has also done incredibly well with coaching Danny in his driving, by looking at video and data to recommend driving improvements. Danny is an excellent student and has improved greatly. Despite another non-stop effort during 2011 Runoffs week to keep the car together resulting in another 15th place starting position, Danny finished 4th in American Sedan at the Runoffs in his first ever rain race!

The Richardson Racing team looks forward to continued growth in our capabilities through our interactions with Dave”.




Ray Sweers – 2011 NASA Midwest Division ST1 Champion

Alan Sweers – 2011 NASA Great Lakes Division ST1 Champion

“Dave really knows his stuff. He brings the unique ability to combine his technical knowledge of car handling and driving technique with the skills to communicate effectively to each individual driver”.



Kevin Brown (Dodge Challenger)

In 2009, I bought a new Dodge Challenger and was blessed to be assigned Dave Jones as my instructor at one of my first SCCA PDX events. Dave’s coaching was very clear, concise and methodical. He observed, listened and then provided feedback on a sequence of corners until I made progress, then his focus moved to the next sequence. I made so much progress, I was determined to come back and do more next year.

Over the winter, I made many suspension changes to improve handling on the road course. The first track session in the spring was a real eye opener due to how different the car handled.  Dave provided invaluable feedback on shock valving, spring rates and sway bar settings. At the end of the day, the car had great balance and very predictable handling for a 4000 lb. car with 400 RWHP. Dave then drove my car one session with me riding shotgun. I was stunned at how much more performance he could extract from the car that I was not using. I then set my mind on learning how to DRIVE my car faster instead of adding more horsepower.

Dave explained cornering and braking in terms I could understand as an engineer; corner radius, velocity and traction circles. His track maps, radius analysis, and target cornering speeds  have enabled me to develop a fundamental understanding  to prepare for my on-track sessions and improve my post session de-briefs. The one concept from Dave that really hit home was the idea of a maximum theoretical speed through a corner. If you mess up one corner, you can’t make it up in the next, all you can do is run the maximum speed possible and not lose any more. Running in deeper and hotter, trying to make up time only ends up in more mistakes and slower speeds.

I have now purchased a Race Technology DL1 data acquisition unit with video capabilities and look forward to more sessions with Dave and technical analysis of my driving versus the theoretical limit of my car. Going faster is not a matter of more horsepower, but rather a matter of better driving skill.

While I have had many driving coaches over the last 3 years, Dave is the only one that always echo’s in my mind as I drive home from the track. He has become not just a trusted advisor but a good friend.