The Big Picture

Performance is best explained as a “Rubiks Cube” of variables. Each piece of the puzzle is related to the ultimate objective, and those areas you don’t see or overlook impede the ability to succeed.

At the beginning stages of performance and competitive driving, improvement is similar to a simple one-dimensional puzzle. It’s more obvious which pieces fit where, and the progress is easier and comes in bigger steps. Improvements in driving, better tires, an after-market suspension package, and you’re now passing drivers you couldn’t keep up with at the last event.

As you continue making progress, the review becomes more diverse and more detailed; there are more pieces to the puzzle than before. The best spring rate, the best tire compound, the ideal tire pressure all become essential. The puzzle becomes a Rubiks Cube of multi-dimensional factors as you proceed deeper and deeper into performance. Brake bias and compounds, the right shock setting, even driver comfort in the seat and pedal position become tenths of a second in lap times. Add data acquisition and you find details that you’d never recognize without it; differences in distance around the track for different lines, and just how much of the maximum grip are you utilizing in each corner?

Achieving this level of focus is what wins races, or provides you maximum driving pleasure at track day events. Fitting the puzzle together allows the driver to focus on driving, which is all you should be focused on whether you’re heading into the next 45 mph turn at a Solo, or heading into the Kink at Road America at 130 mph!

Having done both; being the driver as well as the tuner and coach, I understand how extensive the puzzle can be, and how to make the pieces fit in the most efficient and cost-effective way. I also understand how much of the puzzle we need to focus on, based on your level of experience and goals; you don’t need three-way adjustable shocks for a street car doing an occasional Solo or even your first regional races. While performance isn’t cheap, the worst expense is the one that is wasted, especially if it leads to damage or breakdown, or just having to upgrade again after a few months.

Performance is simple: pick a goal, give me a call, and we’ll develop a plan that will provide those results.