Detailed Services

Maximize your performance. It’s fun to go faster!

Based on an obsession with fast cars and road racing for over 40 years, I’ve always sought methods for going faster.

Preparing and driving my own race car on a limited budget helped me to focus on maximum utilization of “free” items: driving better, tuning for maximum benefit, and constant performance review, or how do I keep improving.

With advancements in technology – adjustable shocks, better tires, and data acquisition to name a few – it is now easier to define the upper limits of performance. The challenge is to utilize all of those and other tools to actually reach those upper limits.

That’s what I do. I help you define how fast you can be, and then help you achieve those results, using my significant experience in all three areas – driving, tuning, and data collection and evaluation.

Whether beginner or pro; whether you just want to increase your enjoyment of autocrossing or club-oriented track days through car and driver improvements, or you seek lap records and championships in National competition, the same methods and focus apply. You decide what you want to achieve, and I help you achieve it. Together we define a path that produces results.

Here are some of the ways I’ve partnered with drivers to produce results ranging from smoother and safer driving to winning National events:

Set-up assistance remotely or at your facility: We can review all of the available details about your car and class, and make decisions on improvements to fit your budget. Once completed, we’ll adjust the car to be ready for the first outing, and then tune at the track to make sure you perform at your best.

Track-side service, or review and recommendations remotely: While it’s always best to work together at the track, there are times when schedule or distance doesn’t allow me to be there. We’ve had great success working together remotely – the driver and his crew attending an event, and communicating with me frequently to review performance and make continuing improvement. Data is accumulated each session, along with driver input about the car and his driving. This is emailed to me for review, and once I interpret the data, we talk via cell phone to communicate areas of improvement. Maybe it’s a few corners that need adjustments in the car and in the driver – taking a different line for example. Maybe it’s a car adjustment that I explain and then review that it was done properly and successfully.



For those equally obsessed with speed and performance, there is always more improvement available. I’ve never driven a perfect lap or a perfect car, but every track session is another opportunity to accomplish both.

If you want to be more consistent, if you want better results, if you don’t want to just know HOW to take that corner but WHY, contact me and we’ll get you started on the right track!